UV Tanning

When choosing a tanning salon, it is important to select a salon that is professional, clean, and knowledgable of the services they offer. At Sunsource Tanning, we realize everyone's skin is different. As a Smart Tan Member Salon, we conduct full evaluations to determine your specific skin type. This ensures the appropriate exposure settings, times, and precautions are taken when tanning.


Our new UWE Cayenne 50 Lamp Unit features 12 minute exposures, a self contained air conditioner, user controlled body cooling, body and face mist breeze system, and high pressure facials.

The Tanning Process Explained

Tanning is natural, and it works the same whether you tan outdoors or in a salon. Melanin, the brownish pigment produced by special cells in the base layers of the skin, determine an individual’s ability to tan. As the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, this melanin is activated and combines with protein cells rising to the skin’s surface, to produce a tan. The amount of melanin in the body determines how quickly and dark an individual can tan.

Use of lotions specially designed for indoor tanning should be used prior to your session. These lotions are designed to help maximize your tanning potential. We offer a wide variety of tanning lotion including intensifiers, bronzers, coolants and tingles. We will consult with you and help determine which lotion type best suits your needs. Only salon approved lotions can be used in our units. Creams, lotions, and oils designed for use outdoors contain sunscreen which forms a physical barrier on the skin, keeping the UVA & UVB rays from penetrating the skin, inhibiting the tanning process. They also destroy the acrylic you lay on. Skin moisturizers designed for indoor tanning needs should be applied following every tanning session. This promotes a smoother, more even looking tan.

Be assured your SunSource staff will evaluate your tanning needs and customize a package specifically for you. We will help you determine the best indoor tanning regimen to get you the look you want. Determining exposure schedules, rotating equipment, and getting you the right skin care products are all part of getting you the best suntan possible while minimizing the risk of sunburn. Tan with confidence at SunSource!

Cayenne Tanning Bed at SunSource Tanning Birmingham, AL

Vertical Sun Capsule tanning booth at SunSource Tanning Birmingham, AL

Montego Bay Viper Tanning Bed at SunSource Tanning Birmingham, AL

Montego Bay UXF Tanning Bed at SunSource Tanning Birmingham, AL

Montego Bay Cobra Tanning Bed at SunSource Tanning Birmingham, AL

Montego Bay 3000 Tanning Bed at SunSource Tanning Birmingham, AL

Montego Bay 4100 Tanning Bed at SunSource Tanning Birmingham, AL

Our tanning beds include UWE and Montego Bay, and our experienced staff helps ensure that you get the results you desire. We offer 6 levels of UV tanning, as well as custom airbrush tanning. Come see us at SunSource Tanning for a variety of tanning options, all in comfortable, clean environment (we received a perfect score of 100 from the Jefferson County Health Department).

whiten your teeth while you tan Birmingham, AL

While you're here, why not get a brilliant smile to go along with that healthy glow? Twilight Teeth uses the heat and UV light of the tanning bed to whiten teeth while you tan. You will see visibly whiter teeth after just one session.

Let SunSource Tanning help you maintain that beautiful, healthy glow all year long with our professional tanning options and spa-quality skincare products.

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